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Some insurers pay pediatricians less than the cost of the test itself, jeopardizing a tool to help control the pandemic.


"Across the country, some doctors are seeing reimbursement rates so low that they do not cover the cost of the test supplies, jeopardizing access to a tool experts see as crucial to stopping the virus’s spread."  Please read The New York Times article here

PIB is very pleased to be able to offer the reliable PCR test for COVID, with results usually available within an hour.  The test is collected from the front of the nose, like a flu test; not the deep nasopharyngeal swab.  We are thankful to have the ability to offer this quality, low stress test to our patients! 

For patients with United Health Care and Blue Cross Blue Shield, PIB will collect specimens but must send the specimen to another lab to process the COVID test.  Results will not be available the same day.

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