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PIB COVID-19 Announcements


06/26/2020 COVID Testing

Patients and Parents/Guardians,

Unfortunately, due to limited access to testing supplies, we are only testing patients with symptoms consistent with COVID-19.

Based on the medical need and review of clinical criteria at time of the appointment; a test may be ordered by the provider during your child’s appointment.

We are happy to provide a list of testing sites in Brevard County and most of them have no age or symptom requirements. It is important to provide our practice with results of any testing completed outside of Pediatrics in Brevard to be included in your child’s medical record.
Brevard Health Alliance-801 Dixon Blvd in Cocoa, FL  
FRIDAY, JUNE 26TH 10am-3pm or as long as supplies last

  • No symptoms required

  • Need govt issued ID

  • All ages

  • Drive thru

  • Insurance will be billed and patients will have NO copay

Eastern Florida State College-Palm Bay Campus
Palm Bay Campus, 250 Community College Parkway, Palm Bay, FL

  • 18 yrs and older

  • Daily 9am -5pm

  • No symptoms required

  • Photo ID required

  • Drive thru

Med Fast                     321-633-3278

  • All ages

  • All Med Fast locations

  • No symptoms required

  • Walk in ONLY

  • Nasal swab and antibody testing available

OMNI Healthcare       321-802-5515

  • All ages

  • Palm Bay, Merritt Island

  • No symptoms required

  • Call to pre-register

    • Testing date and time based on requested location

  • Bills insurance

  • No insurance-provide SS#

  • If positive-will need to return for retest

05/05/2020 Cocoa Beach Office

Cocoa Beach has appointments available for well child care with Dr. Borowski and Nurse Practitioner Adrienne Smith, Monday through Friday. Dr. Borowski continues to offer symptom related appointments via telemedicine, with limited availability.
Due to Medical Plaza restrictions, in office appointments are available in Rockledge for patients with fevers and symptoms of respiratory illness.
As a reminder, visitors to PIB offices should be limited to the patient and one parent and those over 2 years old should wear a face covering.

04/23/2020 Cocoa Beach Office

Cocoa Beach office is open (closed on Tuesday). Dr. Borowski has appointments available Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday for well child care only. Appointments are available in the Rockledge office for patients with symptoms of illness. Dr. Borowski is offering symptom related appointments via telemedicine, with limited availibility.
As a reminder, visitors to PIB offices should be limited to the patient and one parent and those over 2 years old should wear a face covering.

04/08/2020  Face Coverings Required

Following CDC recommendation for the use of cloth face coverings, all parents and patients (over the age of 2 years old), must wear face coverings while in the office.
Below is a CDC link advising how to wear face coverings and includes sew and no-sew instructions on making your own.

04/07/2020 Telemedicine Available

Our office is now offering telemedicine visits if your child has a medical issue or concern. Telemedicine visits can also be made for behavioral and emotional health rechecks.

In order to make sure your visit goes smoothly, please follow these helpful tips!
1) You will need to send consent for telehealth through our portal. Please contact the office to acquire portal access.
2) Make sure you and your child are available for the visit in a quiet, well lit room.
3) Check to make sure you have good WiFi service.
4) Collect a set of "doctor's tools" to use during the visit, such as a thermometer, a flashlight, and your child's weight if possible.

Please contact the office to schedule a telemedicine appointment.

04/01/2020 Cocoa Beach Office Closed

Our Cocoa Beach office will be closed 4/2/2020 until further notice.
You may reach us at the Rockledge office 321-636-3066.

03/30/2020 Viera Closed on Tuesdays

Our Viera Location will be closed on Tuesdays. You may still call the Viera office, their phones will be forwarded to an available office for appointments.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

03/24/2020 Message to PIB Families from Dr. Ulrich

Dear PIB Patients and Families,

As we noted in last week’s message regarding the changes we are making due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Pediatrics in Brevard’s main priority is to continue to provide your children with quality healthcare throughout these difficult times.  Currently, we are seeing well visits, behavioral health visits, and all other non-sick visits during a different time period than we see children with any symptom of illness.  We are thoroughly disinfecting the entire office between “sick” and “well” hours and thoroughly cleaning each exam room after every visit. 

THIS IS WHERE WE NEED YOUR HELP:  if your child is scheduled for an appointment during our well hours and you or your child has a fever, cough, or other sign of illness, please call in advance!  We will be happy to reschedule your child’s appointment.  

The American Academy of Pediatrics has recently reinforced that well visit check ups are still just as important as ever.  It is essential that we do not forget the importance of timely immunizations in preventing diseases that have ravaged our country in the past and will return if we do not remain diligent in protecting our children from them.  While COVID-19 is certainly of great concern at present, it would be very unfortunate if we get it under control only to have a resurgence of meningitis, measles, or other pediatric infections that can be prevented by immunization.  Further, the well visit is a great time to glean information from the provider you know and trust regarding the best means to keep your child healthy in every way possible. 
Sick visit appointments will continue to be available 7 days a week at Pediatrics in Brevard for the foreseeable future.   At present, our walk-in clinic from 8am to 9am is still open Monday through Friday at our Rockledge and Melbourne locations.  To minimize exposure to others in the waiting areas during this time, we are having patients go to an exam room immediately after sign-in.  The Melbourne office is open from 9:00am to 3:00pm on Saturday and the Rockledge office is open from 10:00am to 2:00pm on Sunday.  Cleanliness and the reduction of exposure to germs is PIBs priority every day.

We are also entering the very beginning stages of telemedicine.  We will begin the telemedicine portion of our practice by offering behavioral health visits with just a few providers and then hope to increase availability of these visits over the next few weeks.   

Please stay posted as we will continue to update you at least weekly regarding changes in our practice during this time.
Here to serve you,
Mary W. Ulrich, MD, FAAP
Co-CEO Pediatrics in Brevard

03/19/2020 Healthy Children Appointments:

In an effort to ensure the safety of our patients and staff, PIB has set aside appointment blocks for healthy children appointments.  Over the next few days, you may receive a phone call to reschedule in order for your appointment to be in the appropriate time block for your appointment type.
Healthy Children Appointments will be scheduled during the following times starting 3/23/2020:
Cocoa Beach: 8:30am-12:00pm
Melbourne:     10:00am-3:00pm
Rockledge:     10:00am-3:00pm
Suntree:          All patients will be roomed immediately.
Please be advised: 
If you or your child arrive during the above times with a fever, cough, or other signs of illness, you will be asked to return to your vehicle.  You will need to reschedule your appointment for later time.

03/19/2020  Please limit visitors:

As a reminder:
We ask only the patient being seen and one parent/guardian be in attendance for appointments. Please help us reduce the risk of illness to yourself, other families, and staff.

03/17/2020  Message from Dr. Ulrich:

Dear PIB Families,

We here at Pediatrics in Brevard want to let you know we are committed to providing the best and safest healthcare for your child throughout the current COVID-19 pandemic. While the COVID-19 virus does not cause children to have severe illness as frequently as adults, it is important to prevent spread within the community so those who do become very ill can have access to care when they need it. We will be updating you with the latest plans we have to serve you.

In effort to prevent spread of germs, we have outdoor check-in tables staffed at our Rockledge and Melbourne locations. Patients with signs or symptoms of respiratory illness will be routed differently than other illnesses, so they do not use the same waiting area or exam rooms. Patients in the Cocoa Beach and Suntree offices will be lead to an exam room as quickly as possible to prevent time in the waiting area. Staff will continue to thoroughly clean exam rooms after each visit, practice good hand washing hygiene, and practice other measures to reduce the spread of germs. We plan to re-evaluate and adjust our plans frequently in order to best serve you and to prevent spread of the infection.

As of today, we are not equipped to test for the COVID-19 virus. Please remember COVID-19 is a viral illness. The recommended care is the same as for any other viral illness: rest, fluids, comfort measures, and treatment of respiratory distress if it occurs.

In the meantime, children will need care for strep throat, ear infections, and other common illnesses. We are equipped to provide care for infants, children and teens who need to see their provider. Our doctors and staff are meeting daily to improve our availability and to provide the best quality care possible for our patients and community.

Here to serve you,

Mary W. Ulrich, MD, FAAP
Co-CEO Pediatrics in Brevard

03/16/2020  Little Free Library:

Due to COVID-19, the Little Free Library and any sharable books are currently suspended until further notice.

Please hold all book donations. We will not accept any until our LFL reopens.

Thank you for your understanding.

03/09/2020 COVID-19 Testing:

Due to clear guidance from the CDC on testing requirements, Pediatrics in Brevard will not perform lab testing on patients for Coronavirus. 

03/09/2020  Limiting Visitors:

Out of an abundance of caution, due to widespread shortages on masks and other protective equipment and to reduce exposure to unwanted illnesses, we ask only the patient being seen and one parent/guardian be in attendance for appointments. We understand this may not always be feasible but in cases where you are able to limit the number of individuals coming into the clinic, we greatly appreciate it.

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