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I chose Pediatrics in Brevard because moms recommended it. When I moved to the community I asked around. I talked to moms and that's where they told me to go. I have been coming to the Pediatrics in Brevard for 7 years and I have 2 sons and they love coming here. They have a great relationship with their pediatricians and I as a mom feel like they really care.
Johnette - Pediatrics in Brevard Mom
They are so great with the kids. My kids love the doctor that we see. They ofter comment what a great man he is and how nice he is. They are very comfortable with the nurses and staff here at the office and they also comment about how kind everyone is. As a mom that's important! I want my children to go somewhere where there's a safe enviornment. Also I feel like they are very knowledgeable.
Anne Marie - Pediatrics in Brevard Mom
Being a mother, I know a lot of new mothers coming out here. They are calling me saying , "Where do you bring your kids?" Pediatrics in Brevard is where I tell them.
Taryn - Pediatrics in Brevard Mom
The office is clean, it's bright, it's happy and the kids are comfortable here. The staff is knowledgeable, pleasant, friendly and they are thorough.
Kristine - Pediatrics in Brevard Mom
I truly wouldn't bring my kids anywhere else than Pediatrics in Brevard...I have 3 children. Their primary is fabulous and their nurse practitioner is fabulous. They are friendly, professional and I feel like I get what I would need from them. 
Janet - Pediatrics in Brevard Mom
Our first appointment here at Pediatrics in Brevard was far more thorough and complete and we felt really comfortable from the first time we came here than the last 7 years that we spend at our old pediatrician. That's really why we continue to come back here. We will be happy to recommend them to all of our friends and family.
Katie - Pediatrics in Brevard Mom
I have 3 children whom all see Dr. Nguyen. We are always greeted with smiles and friendly faces, most of whom I have seen for the past 8 years since we started going here. I speak volumes for Dr. Nguyen and his staff! They are fabulous. They always take the time to answer questions, make eye contact, and are confident with their work. On occation we seen other physicians due to sick visits and have always had a fabulous experience! Thank you Pediatrics in Brevard for your quality of care for my kids!
Dr. Dozier is a great doctor. She always takes her time listens and answers all our questions. We always recommend her! Absolutely fantastic!
Have always been pleased with the care my children receive at this practice! Even referred other family members bring their children to Dr. Dozier.
We love Lea...She is amazing, thorough and so smart! I can ask her something and she knows the answer, cause and diagnosis at the drop of a dime. She spends an adequate amount of time with us and I really enjoy that time. I have recoommended my friend (a new mom) to her and she loves her too!!! Thank you for hiring such a great staff!! (I had to remove some PMI at the beginning of this one).
I believe that all the physicians at Pediatrics in Brevard really care about the patients that they see. They are not just another number, it's not just another patient. They really take pride in taking care of people's children. And I believe that I really do. As a child, I did come here and I like the experience that I had as a child so of course, when I have my own children I definitely want to bring them here. 
Monica - Pediatrics in Brevard Employee and Mom
I always bring my children to Pediatrics in Brevard. My family loves Pediatrics in Brevard. Kids love coming here, the nurses remember you, it's all the attention that you get when you come in and everyone is so friendly here, from the front desk to the nurses bringing you back. Our offices are a fun place to be with the stickers, the doctors are really cool. The doctors love kids and they like interacting with them that make your child feel special.
Aimee - Pediatric in Brevard Employee and Mom
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