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Why We #LoveOurKids

February is all about love! That love can be extended to friends, neighbors, and even you - our patients. There’s a lot we love about being a part of the Pediatrics in Brevard family. Most of that has to do with our incredible patients! Click the title above to find out our top reasons why we #LoveOurKids.

Spring is in the Air! 5 Tips for Getting the Family Outdoors

Spring is in the air, the sun is shining, and it’s time to get your kids outside! Did you know that our bodies can receive extraordinary health benefits from just a few moments in the sun? Spending time outdoors has been proven to reduce stress, improve vision and mood, and increase brain function. Read on for a few ways you and your family can get outside and soak up the sun.

Tips to Reduce Stress Among School-Aged Children

Besides the fact that some amounts of stress can be beneficial and positive for kids, too much stress can end up harming your child’s academic performance and behavior. We have provided some tips on how to help your school-aged child reduce, or cope, with stress – continue reading below!

Getting Your Child to Eat Fresh Foods

At Pediatrics in Brevard, we are a team of parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents ourselves – meaning we know the difficulties that can come with trying to get your little ones to eat. Read our tips on ways to get your child to eat more fresh foods!

Ideas for Your Next Mommy and Me Day Together

Mother’s Day has just passed, meaning we just celebrated all of the moms and mother-like figures that we have in our lives. But moms are often called “superheroes,” for going above and beyond for their families. It might be time for families to appreciate and enjoy each other’s company more than just once a year. Besides, quality time and one-on-one time together are precisely what makes some of the best memories.

Back to School Tips from Pediatrics in Brevard

Summer is packed full of movie nights, vacations, snuggles and memories. It’s the time of year where everyone can pause on the rigid schedule of school and work life. But now that it's quickly coming to an end, we want to help you make the transition as smooth as possible!

Exercising Social Media Safety

Growing up in a digitally connected world can have its benefits, but like everything else, it can also have serious consequences. From predators, cyberbullying and harmful exposure, a child's social media handling can come with serious risks. Learn how you can teach your children social media safety in our newest blog! 

Teaching Gratitude to Your Children

With all the traditions, food, gifts and holiday excitement, it can be easy to lose sight of why we celebrate the holidays in the first place. The holidays are a time to give back to others and give thanks for our blessings.

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