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Back to School Tips from Pediatrics in Brevard

Summer is packed full of movie nights, vacations, snuggles and memories. It’s the time of year where everyone can pause on the rigid schedule of school and work life. The alarm doesn’t scream to wake up at 6:00am and we naturally get into a rhythm of a more flexible routine.  Late nights, sleeping in, and hitting the pool are the norm! As summer is coming to an end and the beginning of school is approaching its time to prepare for the return of that structured schedule. Nobody wants summer to end, especially kids! As sad as it is, there are ways to make the transition less daunting for the whole family.  We’ll go over some ways to ease back into the school year.

Adjust Sleep Schedules

The first thing you should do is start to adjust your child’s sleep schedule. About a week before school begins start by having them go to bed earlier. They may be reluctant at first, but it’s better to fight this battle before school begins. Set a sleep schedule and talk to them about it ahead of time so they know the expectation. It’s necessary for their bodies to get adjusted to going to bed early and waking up on time. It doesn’t have to be a negative thing, add in some fun incentives! Play a game before bed, or read a book to them, offer rewards to let them know it might not be what they want to do but you’ll support them by giving them your time and attention.

Make a Daily Schedule

Next, make a daily checklist and have your children start to take some of the responsibility of the daily duties. One effective way to do this is by posting a checklist on the refrigerator. Things that might be good to add to the checklist are morning routine steps, breakfast times, lunches (yes-start this week by preparing lunches), and outfits! As a suggestion, a terrific way to alleviate everyone’s morning stress is to prepare outfits for the week ahead of time. Take some time with your child on Sunday to prepare outfits for the week.  Lay them out and organize everything-down to socks! Believe it or not, your kids might really enjoy participating in the responsibility of the structured routine. They’ll gain a sense of responsibility and confidence, and they’ll especially enjoy doing it with you!

Check-In With Emotions

The last and most important thing you should do is talk to your child about the upcoming school year.  Ask them questions about their feelings. Certainly, they’ll be experiencing a mixture of emotions.  They may be excited, scared, nervous, sad, all at the same time. It’s important to address these feelings.  Give them the chance to share their emotions and take the opportunity to console them and encourage them.

Have a Great First Day

With these tips your family will be prepared to take on that first day of the 2022-2023 school year smoothly! 

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