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Why We #LoveOurKids

February is all about love! That love can be extended to friends, neighbors, and even you - our patients. There’s a lot we love about being a part of the Pediatrics in Brevard family. Most of that has to do with our incredible patients! Here are our top reasons why we #LoveOurKids:

  1. You Bring Smiles to Our Faces
You are the reason we love what we do! We love seeing your smiling faces when you walk through our doors, or helping you get your smile back before you leave if you arrive feeling under the weather. We love high fiving you and your parents over your growth milestones. Your stories of your everyday lives, fun facts that you’ve learned, or new hobbies you are trying are all music to our ears. Most of all, we love that we can help you in any way that we can.
  1. You are Loyal
Many of our patients grow up, start families of their own, and continue to trust us to be their pediatricians as well, from all over Brevard County. Seeing so many of you from the time you are newborns grow into smart and funny toddlers, tweens, and teenagers makes us feel lucky that we have become a part of each of your families in a way, just as we welcome you to the Pediatrics in Brevard’s family so wholeheartedly.
  1. You Keep us on our Toes
Even those of us who’ve been in practice for many years, we still learn something new from our patients every week, if not every day! Each patient is unique in their own way and what may work for one of you, might not work for another. Dealing with the individual uniqueness of each and every one of you keeps our brains sharp and curious! We love learning, and you provide us with that opportunity on a regular basis.

While the real list of why we #LoveOurKids is much, much longer than this, we figured we would keep it short and simple for you. Plus, we love any opportunity to show our appreciation for our patients. From your favorite pediatric associates, we hope your Valentine’s Day was filled with happiness, love, and lots of chocolate! Contact us today to schedule any immunization or vaccine needs, wellness checks, or annual visits.

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