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Change "Summer Learning Loss" to Summer Love of Learning"

Summer can be a great time to boost your child’s love of learning.  The key is to be involved and interested in each activity.  Here are some ideas:

  • Play family board games (helps with math and reading); make it fun!
  • Read books together.  For older kids, you and they could choose books and discuss with each other what you are reading.  
  • Have your kids help you shop.  Give them a budget and have them choose the items for a meal.  If your child is old enough, send them to find items for you and teach them to compare prices.  You can do this  with online shopping as well (the key is to sit down and do it together).
  • Have your kids help you find, organize and use coupons
  • Read labels together on food items.
  • Have your children help you cook (Of course, keep age-appropriate safety in mind.)
  • Once a week, with your child, look up another culture or country and make a recipe from that country, and/or a craft from that country.  
  • Play outside.   If you find a cool plant, animal, or bug, take a photo and look up details about it when you go inside.
  • Build things together.  Can be crafts, bird feeders, planters, etc. 
  • Make a tent in the living room and just pretend.   Use the tent to read a special book together.
  • Consider each activity a learning experience; be curious about everything and involve your child in looking up answers to all kinds of questions.
  • Limit screen time.  Hands on learning is crucial.
  • Some gyms waive fees for teens over the summer.  Go to the gym together and learn the proper way to use some of the equipment.
  • Enroll your child in a summer reading club and give a lot of praise for accomplishments

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