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Outdoor Fun for Families This Summer

Written by: Margaret Nemethy, APRN, PPCNP-BC

There are several benefits to spending time outside in our beautiful Florida weather.
1. It strengthens our bodies. Playing outside, running and jumping or riding a bike is
not only fun but makes our muscles stronger. Kids will do more vigorous activity
when outside which is great for their cardiac health too.

2. It helps with stress. Getting at least 30 minutes of outdoor playtime a day,
whether you are a child, teen or adult is just good for our psychological well
being. It increases feel good hormones, called endorphins that lessen anxiety
and improves depression.

3. One study showed that kids who were allowed to play in a green space had
increased attention and working memory compared to those who played on
concrete surfaces.

4. Studies show playing outside decreases the risk of developing myopia or

5. Going outside in the sunlight helps with sleep hygiene when compared to
spending the day in indoor lightning,

6. Getting some sunshine each day will help maintain healthy Vitamin D levels.
Vitamin D is necessary for bone development, muscle function and pubertal

7. Cooperative play outside teaches children social skills and how to be creative.

8. Kids who play in nature have better behavior overall, with improved mood and
less stress.

9. Getting sunlight every day helps the growing brain develop more synapsis for
enhanced learning.

10.Outdoor play may also help kids take calculated risks, such as when they climb
a tree. Kids feel exhilarated when they accomplish these physical tasks and
could be considered anti-phobia therapy!

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