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Teaching Your Child How To Be Kind

Written by Margaret Nemethy, PPCNP-BC

  • Teach Empathy: putting themselves in someone else’s shoes
    • Ask your child to think about what they say about others before they say it
    • Ask how they would feel if someone said something mean about them
  • Teach them to hold the negative opinion
    • Practice saying positive things
    • Encourage them to encourage and praise others
  • Please and Thank you
    • Practice and remind them to give respectful greetings
    • Encourage good manners
  • Make It Fun
    • Pretend play – make up scenarios where you can choose to be kind and encourage them to do this during your play session
  • Read
    • There are lots of books about kindness such as “Kindness is Coolness”
  • Reward
    • Remind them that it feels good to be kind
    • Praise them for their acts of kindness
  • Model Good Behavior
    • Be sure to demonstrate kindness because children look to their parents as to how to behave toward others
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