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Tips for Children During Allergy Season

Signs of seasonal allergies include:

•   Sneezing

•   Clear runny nose

•   Itchy, watery eyes

Bath or shower after playing outdoors can help remove pollen and other environmental allergens. Nasal saline rinse or spray may help clear nasal passages from irritants.

Frequent dusting and vacuuming in the home can help prevent accumulation of indoor allergens.

When allergy season is approaching in the spring, consider starting non-drowsy antihistamines or intranasal steroid as a preventative measure. Discuss specific medication options with your PIB team.

Most children do not start to show signs of seasonal allergies until 2-3 years old. Discuss with your PIB team if concerns about symptoms of allergies in younger ages.

Family history of seasonal allergies can increase your child’s chances of developing symptoms.



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