Morning Clinic

Pediatrics in Brevard offers a ‘morning walk-in hour’ (Peds Morning Urgent Care) for established patients that are at least 3 months of age with “simple sick” symptoms such as sore throat, cough, and ear pain (not lasting for more than two weeks). No appointment is needed for our morning clinic walk-in-hour. The morning clinic hours are held in the Rockledge and Melbourne offices from 8 am – 9 am, Monday thru Friday only. Please call the office to schedule an appointment with your child’s primary care provider, if they have experienced symptoms for more than two weeks, or have an ongoing illness or a complex medical history.

Our clinicians are available for ‘sick visits’ by appointment on the weekend. Contact any of the Pediatrics in Brevard offices as early as an hour before the office officially opens to schedule an appointment. Sick clinic hours are held:

  • Saturday in the Melbourne office: 9 am – 3 pm
  • Sunday in the Rockledge office: 10 am – 2 pm

Our clinicians are also available for weekend ‘well visits.’ If you would like to schedule a weekend ‘well visit’ with your primary care provider, contact our office for the provider’s schedule. These appointments are limited and fill up quickly.

Pediatric Advisor and Pediatric Video FAQ’s
At the top right corner of our website ( you will find a tab titled Parent Resources. By clicking on that tab, you will then view an option (in the middle of the page) to go into Pediatric Advisor. Pediatric Advisor is a comprehensive library with hundreds of health topics of interest for parents of infants, toddlers, children, and teens. Topics are arranged in alphabetical order, written in easy-to-understand language, many with helpful illustrations, and in printable format. Pediatric Advisor gives basic information on how to help your child at home, and when to call for clinical intervention. Also on our website are educational video overviews covering ‘frequently asked questions’ which involve crying, sleep problems, contagious viruses, car seat safety, swimming pool safety, diarrhea and vomiting, dehydration, and what vaccines are needed at what age? Those videos can be found on the bottom right corner of our Home Page, under Pediatrics Video FAQ’s. A link to, developed by the American Academy of Pediatrics, can be found on the PIB website, along with material on the PIB Kid’s Club and Patient Satisfaction Survey.

After Hours Pediatric Needs
Our after hours pediatric trained triage nurse is also available throughout the evening and night time hours. You can reach the nurse by calling the office and letting the answering service know you would like to speak with triage.

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